Outdoor worker knowledge of ticks and Lyme disease in Québec

TitleOutdoor worker knowledge of ticks and Lyme disease in Québec
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2024
JournalZoonoses Public Health
Date Published07/2024
AuthorsFellin E, Varin M, Millien, V
Keywordsblacklegged ticks, Lyme disease, outdoor workers, Risk perception

We analysed outdoor worker knowledge of ticks and of behaviours that can prevent tick bites and Lyme disease. We then compared these risk perceptions of individuals across age, sex, education, and industry, as well as time spent outdoors. We tested the hypothesis that the risk perception of an individual and their knowledge of Lyme disease transmission was dependent on their demographics, experience in their job, and the region in which they spend time outdoors. We estimated a knowledge-based risk score based on individuals' answers to a questionnaire on risk perception given to voluntary participants who work outdoors. Those who had higher risk scores were more at risk. We found that knowledge-based risk scores were correlated with geographic risk levels and with the number of hours per day spent outdoors. Those who work longer hours and who work in areas with mid-level risk had higher risk scores. Those who spend more time outdoors recreationally had lower risk scores.