Comparing Canadian Lyme disease risk area classification methodologies

TitleComparing Canadian Lyme disease risk area classification methodologies
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
JournalZoonoses Public Health
Date Published01/2023
AuthorsRobinson EL, Jardine CM, Russell C, Clow KM

The methodologies varied in their measurements of the risk of exposure to I. scapularis and B. burgdorferi based on their use of active surveillance techniques, multiple types of collected surveillance data and laboratory confirmation of B. burgdorferi. Most initial Lyme disease risk site classifications were maintained over time. Kappa and per cent agreement statistics highlighted large differences between 8 of the 15 methodology pairings, indicating the presence of inconsistencies between most methodologies. Accurate, consistent surveillance and assessment of the spread of I. scapularis and its pathogens will aid with communicating Lyme disease risk to the public and preventing tick-borne pathogen transmission.