The Lyme Report
The Lyme Report is a bi-monthly subscription email newsletter focussing on tick and tick-borne illness research in Canada. Twice each month, on the 1st and the 15th, the newsletter is delivered directly to subscribers' email inboxes, bringing them up-to-date information on the latest research being conducted in Canada on Lyme disease, other tick-borne illnesses and, of course, the many intriguing species of ticks that make their home in this country.

What does a subscription get you?

You get access to the subscriber-only newsletter and the full archive of back issues. Over the course of its first year, The Lyme Report put out 24 issues and covered a lot of territory in doing so. Some of the highlights included:

  • Profiles of tick species of interest to Canadians
  • Overviews of important issues involving tick-borne illnesses
  • Detailed explorations of Lyme-related projects and initiatives
  • Analysis of more than 40 Canadian research papers
  • Interviews with Canadian researchers
  • News briefs covering any tick-borne illness research or researchers that made news

What does it cost?

Monthly Subscription - $10 per month
Yearly Subscription - $100 per year

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