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The Lyme Report
The Lyme Report is a bi-monthly subscription email newsletter focussing on tick and tick-borne illness research in Canada. Twice each month, on the 1st and the 15th, a newsletter will be delivered directly into your email inbox bringing you up-to-date on the latest and greatest research being done in Canada on Lyme disease, related tick-borne illnesses, and the ticks that spread both. (Or don’t spread a thing. Not all ticks are as bad as their appearance might suggest!)

Tick being held by tweezers

In the beginning. I discovered that there is a disturbing disconnect between what the latest research is telling us about ticks and tick-borne illnesses in Canada and what Canadians of all stripes understand to be the case. That disconnect is frustrating everyone from patients to doctors to public health units. Sometimes researchers themselves feel frustrated by how their papers are being interpreted or why no one seems to be reading them.

A bridge was needed. So I founded the Lyme Disease in Canada website in 2013. Here I list available Canadian research papers so that anyone who is interested in learning more about ticks and tick-borne illnesses in this country can read about them for themselves. On this site you’ll discover an index of more than 200 Canadian research papers that’s accessible to everyone.

Why a newsletter? Because something is missing. Time, mostly. The average Canadian doesn’t have the time to read a bunch of research papers and assess how they may change what was previously known about ticks and/or tick-borne illnesses in Canada. So I decided to write a newsletter that breaks it all down in nice bite-sized chunks. Through interviews, analyses, news briefs, and so much more, I’ll take you into the exciting world of tick and tick-borne illness research to help you gain a better understanding of how our collective knowledge in these areas is advancing.

Why am I charging a fee? Because to do the job right, I need to take time away from my regular duties as a science journalist to do the research, conduct the interviews, and track down all of the sticky bits of information that will entertain and enlighten you on a subject that is often not terribly entertaining or enlightening. That time away from my regular duties translates into a loss of income. For a worthy cause, I’m certain we can agree on that. But worthy causes don’t pay the bills. So I need to charge a fee so that I can bring you the best possible version of this newsletter.

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